Modern and luxurious design  

For modern living spaces, installing high-class smart door locks will help enhance the beauty of your home. Neolock smart lock pattern is a high-class product line of a famous Vietnamese brand. Neolock has a stylish shape, extremely modern and luxurious creating impressive points. The utility of advanced smart door lock has brought a new breakthrough in door lock technology. Unlike traditional door locks, high-end smart locks always focus on and meet the safety, security, and durability, which is why it is trusted by many investors as well as customers.

• The main types of door locks currently on the market include: fingerprint lock, magnetic card lock, code lock ... There are also some other types of locks that are being studied and tested such as: iris recognition lock , no face, voice.

• Therefore, it can be affirmed that smart door lock is the preeminent door lock technology for the future, gradually replacing the traditional mechanical lock as well as gradually changing the common perception about door lock - not single. is merely a passive inadvertent holder but also includes a multitude of other functions. In particular, the most important and most wonderful thing is that it can help people manage human resources and assets easily and peace of mind.

• You must have struggled with a locked lock for a long time to get into the lock, now with smart door lock this will never happen. With just a very quick operation, swipe the card or put your finger on the fingerprint you can get to the fastest home. The difference of high-end smart door lock is utility. Referring to the utility that door lock lever always brings to the user, it is indeed defeated completely compared to traditional mechanical lock. You will not have to worry about losing the keys, losing money to hire a locksmith to be able to enter the house


Absolutely confidentiality and safety

• With durable alloy material that resists external forces, unauthorized intrusion such as door opening or locking

• An advanced anti-theft alert system will issue a siren and warning lights to the owner when an intruder wants to break in.

• A computer-controlled management system closely linked to a smart wooden door lock will help store access information or detect an unlocker in the shortest possible time.

• Door lock can be integrated with multiple locks: key fins with key lock, magnetic card lock with key lock, magnetic card lock with fingerprint lock, ..

Above are a few utilities and outstanding features of high-class intelligent door lock that you should not ignore.

With all smart, safe and convenient features, we firmly believe that Neolock's high-class smart lock products will satisfy all customers in today's modern life.

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