Besides, traditional types of courses are almost no longer suitable for the modern life rhythm of this day. In the process of using traditional keys, users often face a number of shortcomings, such as misplacing keys, creating key keys for members (family / company / ...).

Therefore, smart door lock is replacing traditional locks and gradually asserts its position for three reasons: high security technology, utility - allowing active management of access, lock control remotely via phone application and luxurious and modern design models.

Safe And Convenient With Intelligent Electronic Lock Technology

Currently in Vietnam market, smart electronic lock market is quite diverse. However, products with the ability to create a remote unlock password without internet cannot ignore the anchor LOCK key - managed by a mobile application with both iOS and Android operating systems. With neoLOCK, users can unlock in many ways like PIN codes, key keys and especially Bluetooth phones. The neoLock application and lock has a "connection protocol" similar to the OTP code generation system for online transactions in the banking sector. For that reason, whether in offline mode, neoLOCK can still be managed by phone application without having to worry about having wifi or risking "hack" when accessing Internet.

Control the information of remote access to the house actively

By accessing the NeoLOCK application, users have the ability to create PINs that are extremely flexible to unlock such as permanent passwords, single-use passwords, custom-time passwords, etc. That is, users can grant their own password for each guest to arrive at home within a limited time. The password after being created by phone application and sent to the recipient remotely via email or phone message. This is very convenient for users when away but can still share the right to unlock with family members or friends. And all the history will be saved by the system.

Through the Bluetooth connection protocol, the smartphone is also used as the "key" to open the door - eKey. Such as PIN, e-Key Bluetooth can also be shared to other user accounts on the neoLOCK application, and each eKey will also be set to a certain validity period to ensure security for homeowners.

In fact, the transformation of traditional keywords to smart electronic lock is a step forward in indispensable technology in the field of home appliances. According to the current statistics, smart electronic lock is very popular in many countries in the world such as Australia, Japan, USA, UK, Singapore, ... Although smart electronic lock is put into Vietnam market, it has not been included. long but according to the majority of customers, especially customers who are partners of Airbnb, smart electronic lock has fully met the needs of security, security and utility for users.

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