1. How to unlock the door?

Each fingerprint lock has a different structure, but there are almost three ways you can easily open and close the door: Scan your fingerprint, enter the password using the numeric keypad and use a magnetic stripe card. Fingerprints are one of the most popular ways for households because of the many advantages it offers. Numeric keypads are the best way to store only one entrance. Mechanical lock in fingerprint door lock is often used for backup in case of emergency such as running out of battery, broken electronic parts (in Vietnam market in general and most people often use fingerprint lock with mechanical lock) in school. emergency).

2. How many fingerprints can I store of keys?

Usually fingerprint lock can store at least 20 fingerprints, advanced lock can be up to 200, even more.

+ The process of installing fingerprint lock is also quite quick and easy. With an administrator fingerprint (administrator) or administrator code entered first and only an administrator or administrator fingerprint can add or remove other fingerprints in the future.

+ Choose to buy fingerprint door locks for homes, offices, or large buildings is an optimal solution. They ensure your family's safety and bring a lot of utilities when you do not need to carry keys and are afraid of dropping them.

+ Neolock electronic fingerprint lock safe, convenient and luxurious solution. Open the door with Fingerprint, magnetic card, password, mechanical lock and control (extension).

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3. Is fingerprint lock more secure than digital lock?

Fingerprint lock is much safer than dial lock. Using a number key can forget your password or reveal your password. With a fingerprint lock, the lock cannot be unlocked without a registered and alive fingerprint.

4. Is fingerprint lock complicated? Register new fingerprints for complexity?

• Fingerprint lock is very simple to use. To open the door, just put your finger in the door.

• Registering fingerprints or erasing fingerprints is as simple as adding a new phone number to your phone contacts.

• This action will be taken by the head of the household (authorized or authorized by anyone to unlock). Other users cannot get this permission

5. Fingerprint lock using battery, so when the battery runs out?

• Fingerprint lock uses 4 AA dry cells (same type with rabbit battery but much better quality), or AA-size rechargeable batteries. This battery is very popular in the market, all supermarkets and grocery stores sell this battery.

• Before the battery runs out for a month, the key will create a low battery warning, such as a sound and flash when unlocked. When these signals are received, the lock can still be used 20-30 times before the battery runs out. It is best to replace the battery as soon as possible with these warning signs.

• If the battery is completely discharged, use a 9V rectangular backup battery, just touch the battery poles. The two terminals available on the front of the lock are the power supply and you use a vein. Your hand has been registered to open the door. The 9V rectangle is also very popular and is available at all supermarkets and grocery stores.

6. Who can use fingerprint lock, fingerprints scratched by fingerprint lock?

• Anyone with a fingerprint can register and use the key, including children. Those who scratch fingerprints will affect the ability to read fingerprints in general and fingerprint lock in particular. However, you can register all 10 fingerprints of 10 fingers on the fingerprint lock (as well as some other applications such as attendance, fingerprint access control in offices, offices, and factories. ), You can then unlock it with other fingers that aren't scratched.

7. Is the fingerprint lock setting complicated?

Fingerprints are as simple as a normal door lock. But the only difference is that locking a fingerprint with a larger, more rigid body will take longer to install.

8. Do fingerprints last as long as regular lock?

• Fingerprint lock has been upgraded from mechanical lock to more secure than lock. Neolock fingerprint lock manufactured by international quality certification. So far Neolock fingerprints have been widely used.

• Neolock fingerprint lock is designed to fully adapt to the Vietnamese climate so its durability is very high.

9. How can others open the door to help with some household things?

The fingerprint is encrypted with an encrypted keyboard, only to provide this password to the user. Can replace or destroy this code.

10. If it rains, will my hands get wet? When you go out in the rain, simply dry your hands unlocked. Do not let your hands get wet when unlocking.

11. Which door can be locked?

In Vietnam market, fingerprint lock can be installed on wooden doors, anti-theft steel doors, fireproof doors .... These doors must comply with the minimum standards for installation such as door thickness of 38 mm or more. up, door width 85 mm or more.

12. What are the highlights of fingerprint lock?

• No fingerprint copy, so anti-theft feature is completely safe.

• Fingerprints are the key: Avoid losing keys or being copied.

• Do not get caught in the key of the key.

• Alarms: When the door is not fully closed.

• The lock will automatically lock when closed.

• Made of stainless alloy

• Fingerprints against fingerprints, dead fingerprints: Only unlocked with a real and alive fingerprint

• Durable

• Climate compliance in Vietnam

• Anti-forget key: forget the key and forget the password

• Quick unlock time: <1 second

• High capacity: from 100 to 130 fingerprints