Homestay business procedures and tips For those villages or houses that are selected as tourism services and must ensure that they have the minimum construction requirements, as well as equipment, and services or qualifications of homestay tourism, Besides, foreign languages ​​must also be met in the best way.

For motels, homestay rooms must ensure the security, order, environmental sanitation, fire safety, travel business standards and effective security measures. According to the requirements of the Homestay, the location must move easily, security, good construction, ventilation, light, standard lighting system, room area must have a bed, a double bed or a bed. single, a toilet and bathroom from 3m2 or more with comfortable equipment.

Bedrooms according to the standards of Homestay In terms of homestay standards, the equipment must be of good quality, the activities must be well arranged and well ventilated. The lighting system and the switches are conveniently located. The more fans or air-conditioners the better. Room door must have safety latch on the inside. Beds or cushions must have a minimum size like 0.9m x 2m for single beds, and have good quality bedding. Clean water systems to fully meet tourists, such as closets, hangers, nets or mosquito nets must also respond well. Personal items such as face wipes, brushes, toothpaste, shampoos and soap should also be sufficient.

Besides, if you have a fan or air conditioning, ceramic tiles, ensuring the comfort will enhance the value of your room. Give a reasonable business price Many homestay business owners offer prices based on "flexibility" or at local market rates. However, if not calculated carefully, this price will lead to your homestay business very easy to fall into a loss even including a favorable business. In order to provide homestay business owners with an effective way to manage homestays, we provide a table of formulas for calculating profit and loss for this type of model.

How to manage homestay effectively with technology to manage Homestay and Hostel Understand the problems of operating Homestay and Hostel. We provide the right technology solutions for efficient operation from source-based revenue management, automatic room sales with flexible pricing. Managing a Hostel and Hostel has never been easier.

Private development features for Homestay and Hostel

• Simple, easy to use: Simple, friendly and smart interface. Easy, quick and convenient operation. Concierge services that support all hotel issues • Cost & time savings: Save an average of 25 hours per week. Free installation, upgrades and support. Management costs only from 9000d / day, flexible payment by quarter, by year

• Increasing occupancy rate: Connecting more than 200 Online Room Sales Channels. Two-way, real-time connection information. Automatically distribute rooms, selling prices to optimize capacity

• Cloud technology: Remote management with devices connected to the Internet. Use on multiple platforms, multiple devices. Support management by application on the phone

• Management and control support: Ability to connect the lock from loss control.

Flexible user authorization. Provides diverse analytical reporting system If you are looking for a warehouse management software for your hotel, try the Smart Door Lock - Economical Business Solution. With the warehouse management feature built into the software, you will no longer have to worry about problems encountered when manually managing a warehouse.

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