Fingerprint lock is the most popular door lock series today, because of its absolute security and convenience, you absolutely do not have to worry about forgetting keys or magnetic cards. Many high-end fingerprint lock lines also integrate with smartphone connectivity, helping you always track the time of entry and exit of each family member.

Currently, according to the Neolock survey, up to 50% of the middle and high-end apartment projects today are equipped with an electronic fingerprint lock system, bringing convenience and safety for users.

Neolock high-end fingerprint lock is manufactured on Singapore technology with many modern features, exquisite design, giving your home a perfect architecture, safe. It's suitable for your home, with Neolock fingerprint lock is the best choice, both luxurious, elegant and especially many outstanding features for high-end fingerprint door lock.

1. Neolock advanced fingerprint lock utility

• Diverse ways to open doors

Neolock fingerprint lock diversified door opening method: Open with fingerprint / password / magnetic card / smart card / backup mechanical key.

• Touch screen

With wide touch screen, modern design and style help users easily enter the password to open the door.

• Just one operation to open the door

With push or pull design to open the door will be much more convenient for users.

• Auto latch lock

The auto-lockout feature when going out helps users not need to add movements to check whether the lock is locked or not.

• Touch receipt smart card

Using the touch card to easily open the door, when the card is near the lock surface, the smart identification system will be activated to authenticate the door opening.

• Easy to install

You do not need to specify a left handle lock or a right handle to install the lock. With Neolock fingerprint lock has designed easy to change this.

2. Ensure safety with Neolock

• Random password

Often when you enter a password to open the door, your fingerprints may be recorded on the numbers. Therefore, high-end fingerprint door lock Neolockkh requires you to enter 2 random numbers and then the password to unlock to improve the protection of password detection or copying.

• Anti-hacking

Set high security, if you want to open the door from the inside you must press the button simultaneously the door open button and at the same time down the handle to open the latch. In case a thief drills a small hole in the door and uses a pull-down lever to open it, and a room for active children to open the door.

• Dual authentication

Dual authentication mode to enhance security. When this mode is enabled, to unlock the door simultaneously authenticating passwords and fingerprints.

• Anti-theft mode

When leaving, users can set up anti-theft mode simply by pressing the button. When this mode is activated, the lock will sound a warning when someone deliberately opens the door.

3. Neolock advanced fingerprint lock warning feature

Keypress sound

Configurable keystroke sounds right on the lock

• Battery backup

When the battery runs out, you can use the device that activates the backup battery on the lock to open the door.

• Warning out of battery

The lock will beep, warning the battery is low. In this case, you can still use the door 50 times

• Management features

Each key will have general management features. You will be given a password, a master card to configure and manage the door opener

• Communication feature

The lock has the ability to communicate with the bell of Neolock or communicate with the remote door opening feature like via SmartPhone.

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