An electronic door lock is arguably the most important part of creating a smart home. They not only protect your home better, but also provide unexpected amenities during use. Currently, some smart door locks allow users to use their phone to close / open the door, and they have optimal connectivity with other smart devices in the family. Our problem now is just how to choose the best electronic door lock? best suited to the needs of his family. Below are reviews of accurate and practical electronic door locks made by door lock experts.

One of the first things consumers need to consider is how much it costs to upgrade a traditional magnetic lock system to a modern, mechanical keyword to electronic lock. The truth is that smart door locks, including fingerprint door locks, code locks, magnetic card locks all cost a lot more than conventional mechanical locks.
In the current Vietnamese market, electronic door locks range from VND 2,000,000 to VND 6,000,000 for a smart lock. If the electronic lock only stops the door opening function by high technology measures, within 2,000,000 you will have a smart lock. But if you want a lock that you can control from anywhere, with the ability to connect to phones, emails, fake alarms ... then the price will be much higher.



Currently, most of the smart locks use standard bore holes with the general size, so the electronic lock installation is easier to perform than before. For families who have used traditional mechanical locks, you don't need to worry about having to replace the entire door. Smart lock also has a very important step before completing the installation process which is the setting for locking. Especially with the key card from the hotel and fingerprint door lock, the installation of the key will determine whether the customer uses the product favorably or not. Lock manufacturers always have a guide to set and use the hardware that comes with the lock. Please follow the steps of the technician and review the manufacturer's instructions to understand how to operate the device.

Ability to connect the smart lock to other devices in the security system
Some smart door locks have the ability to integrate with other devices in the family such as door alarms, automatic LEDs, surveillance cameras ... This is the perfect whole of a smart apartment. But keep in mind that the more advanced features, the more you will cost.
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