With advanced security technology to bring absolute peace of mind for homeowners, convenience and luxury, modern design; Smart door locks are gradually replacing the traditional locks.

Security technology of smart door lock is similar to that of online banking system

Currently in the electronic lock market, products equipped with the function of generating remote unlocking codes without the need for internet are very scarce. The lock can be opened in many ways: PIN, mechanical key, and especially by Bluetooth. All key management will be done through the mobile application, Neolock, used for both operating systems, iOS and Android. The "connection protocol" between the application and the Neolock door lock has a mechanism similar to the OTP code generation system for online transactions in the banking sector. Therefore, Neolock can operate in offline mode, we will not have to worry about having Wifi or not and the possibility of being "hacked" when accessing the Internet.

Proactive remote access control

With just the smartphone and access to the neolock app, users can randomly add or delete temporary users and temporary users. lock or unlock the door, view your access history with the push of a button - on your smartphone app. This is the "power" of the new technology era, mobile era (mobile).

In particular, smartphones also become the "key" to open the door through Bluetooth connectivity. Similar to the PIN, Bluetooth "keys" can also be shared with others via messaging applications such as Viber, Skype, Email or via QR Code; and each Bluetooth "key" has a certain period of validity to ensure security according to the wishes of the host. If another person has installed the Neolock application, the host can share the Bluetooth "key" directly within the application.

The transition from traditional locks to smart door locks is not a trend, but a step of technological progress and an inevitable development of life. Neolock smart door locks are very popular and get very high ratings from users, especially Airbnb business people.


Automatic lock feature will help you automatically lock the door in 5 seconds.

After you open the door and enter or exit, you don't need to worry whether the door is locked or not because the Neolock smart door lock comes equipped with a sensor, after the door is closed, about 5s later, The lock will automatically push the latch and lock the door, ensuring absolute security.


The USB port provides intelligent door locking power

Lock out of battery? do not worried! Lock will signal by lights and sound when battery is low. The retrofit of the USB power supply port provides temporary power for the lock whenever the battery is low or runs out of battery.

With all smart, safe and convenient features, we believe that Neolock high-class smart lock products will satisfy all customers in today's modern life.

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