Smart door lock for homestay minimizes time and effort management. You will save a lot of time, travel costs to hand over the keys directly to tourists. With Neolock's smart door lock you will solve all business problems.

Benefits of using smart door locks for homestays?

In the era of information technology raise and gradually dominate the majority of human life today, the application of technology and economy will become a strategic trend in business. Uber or Grab are good examples. Not only that, this trend is also gradually applied in tourism. This is also the premise for homestays to be born.

Homestays - type of accommodation is popular today. The difference in architecture, services provided, experience ... in each type helps visitors easily choose the right resort to meet the needs.

However, this is a new model, so the landlord may encounter some difficulties in managing the apartment, the security situation of the homestay and the safety of customers.

Managing all homestays through your smartphone with the utility application installed on it. Suppose, you live in Ho Chi Minh City, but you do homestay business in tourist destinations like Nha Trang, Da Lat, ... you just need to stay at home and send the passcode to each of your guests so that they can open the door for themselves. The passcode to unlock can be set to be valid only for the duration of the lease.

 Tracking customer access history via smartphone

There is no need to remember different types of keys like when using a regular key

Customers also feel more comfortable because they do not have to keep the unlucky door keys.

Designing modern and luxurious products and beautifying beauty for perfect installation space.

The lock is warranted for up to 1 year (1 change 1) for any problems or technical errors that come from the manufacturer, increasing the reliability of customers during use.

Many customers have used smart door locks for Neolock's homestays and their homestay management is much easier.

The outstanding features of smart door lock for homestay of Neolock:

Quickly unlock via smartphone (Neolock application), in addition it can be opened in other ways: pin code, magnetic card, mechanical lock.

Keep track of access history on phones

Easy to operate without Internet connection (only need bluetooth connection)

Alarm when there is mechanical intervention

Use a common, easily replaceable battery pack that provides extra batteries when the battery runs out

The lock is made of high quality, durable alloy materials, suitable for most types of doors available in the market.

Therefore, Neolock is confident to bring many smart lock designs to customers. To see with your own eyes, you can visit Neolock's agents or distributors nationwide. We are always ready to become a partner to help you distribute Neolock's product lines in Vietnam market

Neolock is always ready to receive customer comments to constantly improve service and development.

For further advice about the types of card locks from the hotel, customers can call directly to our hotline: 0902978179