In Vietnam, smart electronic lock is still a relatively new device for users. Therefore, choosing a product with the right standard is still difficult, not to mention that there are too many portable and unknown products in the market. High-end locking Neolock from Singapore recommends three issues when choosing smart electronic lock products: advanced but user-friendly security technology (works effectively even in offline mode - offline), convenient thanks to the feature of allowing management and control by smartphone application, especially actively controlling and accessing the house remotely and saving the history of visits.

1. Manage keys via app

2. Security technology allows one-time or one-time code issuance.

Currently on the electronic lock market, the product is equipped with the ability to create unlock codes remotely without internet, it almost only locks neolock. The lock can be opened in many ways: PIN code, mechanical key, and especially with Bluetooth. All key management will be done via mobile application, available for both iOS and Android operating systems. The key neolock can work offline or online depending on the needs of each customer. Each key will only be connected to a single admin account, allowing the owner to grant and monitor the access of others. Meanwhile, other phones in the family will be connected to the lock as a secondary account to be able to unlock with Bluetooth. With this smart feature, neolock is a management solution that is both highly secure and convenient.

3. Actively control access to the house remotely.


4. Share management key (ekey)

Only with a smartphone and access to neolock application, the owner can issue a PIN to someone who enters the house within a certain period of time such as an hour, a day or a month and all the access history will be save. This is the "power" of the era of new technology, mobile era. In particular, smartphones also become the "key" to open the door via Bluetooth connectivity. Similar to PIN codes, Bluetooth "keys" can also be shared to others via messaging applications like Viber, Skype, Email or via QR Code; and each Bluetooth "key" also has a certain period of time to ensure security at the discretion of the landlord. If another person has installed the neoLock application, the owner can share the Bluetooth "key" directly in the application.

5. Unlock function by fingerprint, magnetic card, mechanical lock, pin code, bluetooth and phone app.

With fingerprint lock, magnetic card, mechanical lock, pin code, bluetooth and phone app, you can unlock it easily and quickly without having to worry about security. In addition, the smart lock Neolock can also open quickly from the inside without a key or connect the phone to make it easy for you to get out when something goes wrong.

6. USB port provides power.

Lock all ping? do not worried ! Adding a power supply USB port will provide temporary power to the lock every time the ping is weak or out of ping.