Beautiful wooden doors will make the luxury and aristocratic look for your home. The harmonious combination between the lock and the door will highlight the house, making an unforgettable impression.

Wooden door lock brings highlights in a modern house. Decorated and safe doors are an essential part of a house, while wooden door locks are an indispensable core of each door, together they ensure safety and aesthetics for the entire housing space. Choosing to buy reasonable wooden door locks, good quality, beautiful and durable, is not a simple task for users. Please be assured to come with Neolock door lock today, we will be very pleased to advise you on the criteria to choose the best quality wooden door lock set with the most reasonable price, ensuring safety when using. ..

1. What kind of door lock are there?

Currently there are 2 types of door locks: mechanical locks and modern locks:

Mechanical locks have 2 types: cross latches and horizontal latches that help lock the door firmly. Horizontal latch has a thickness of 6-8mm, it has the task of preventing the opening and locking the door. And the cross latch, only need to rotate the hand to open the door, it only works to close the door temporarily in some cases such as (private room closed to reduce noise, closed to turn on the air conditioner), but because Just turn the knob to open the door so outsiders can still enter the room if desired.

Mechanical lock will have 2 parts: the key and the lock, both made of metal. When the key is inserted into the lock, the teeth on the key will coincide with the pins in the lock, thereby opening the door easily.

Mechanical lock is not necessarily useful, because it has many disadvantages such as long-term use of keys can be greasy, difficult to open. Always carry the key with you, if you drop the key, it will be difficult to enter the house. Not to mention many of the keys have the same color structure, so it is very difficult to distinguish, the keys that are nearly the same will have to be added with an eraser or using a string or key chain to sign more, creating the different for easy to remember

Modern courses include the following types of locks:

• Magnetic card lock: The landlord will use a magnetic card to slide into the groove to unlock (swipe like a swipe at an ATM tree), only the host's magnetic card will be accepted by the lock's memory to open.

• Fingerprint lock: The homeowner's fingerprint will be saved to the lock's memory, every time you open the door, you just need to move the fingerprint to open it.

• The lock uses voices and images to open the door.

• Lock code: The host will set a certain password string in the lock's memory, each time you only need to enter the code to finish, the longer the password will be the better because it will be difficult for the crook to find out.

In general, modern door locks will be more advantageous than mechanical locks because it helps limit the need to carry keys with people (very beneficial for the elderly or busy or forgetful), but it is also not too safe because currently Now the thieves use a lot of sophisticated devices to crack. Therefore, if you have bought a modern door lock, you should buy the type with the best security against crooks with technology knowledge.

Why should one choose a good wooden door lock device?

Quality cheap wooden door locks will provide the durability needed for many years of use and strong security for your home. Therefore, choosing a quality door lock from the beginning is an extremely important job for any homeowner. Should be a smart consumer when choosing to buy from reputable distributors, agents, shops to ensure quality when using.

2. Selecting wooden door lock according to function

To ensure the safety of each area of ​​a house, the lock function is the most important, which needs special care when choosing to buy door locks. Each type of door should choose the right locks. There are 3 main types of functions of security door locks: main door locks, room door locks and business door locks. • Door lock: It is recommended to choose a lock with a key core that has two ends, one to use the key to open or lock the outside and the other to open or lock the inside.

• Lock the room door: It is recommended to use a key with one key (outside) to open or lock, and one end is a knob, not using a key, inside the room.

• As for the doors that need to be closed / opened a lot like the office doors, you may need durable locks, smart door locks.

3. Choose wooden door lock according to door color and material

Depending on the material and color of the door, customers can consider to choose the quality locks that best suit the overall style. In particular, the lock of gray, brown ... will be used for wooden steel doors, while the white locks will be for aluminum doors, iron doors ... And the doors with electrostatic paint fake wood can choose types. Other colors like gray, brown, moss, yellow.

4. Choose beautiful and durable door locks suitable for the climate and weather

Safe and durable locks depend a lot on the material of the lock processing, the types of locks have high durability, no rust, discoloration ... due to the impact from the outside is the first choice of consumers. For humid climate and unusual changes like in Vietnam, you should choose door locks with high quality materials such as zinc alloy, 304 stainless steel ...


Neolock smart door lock series in Vietnam is known as one of the smart home door locks, high-end, especially with many great features needed to cater for your space security needs.

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