Integrated Neolock smart door lock with Luxstay platform, AirBnb

What is Neolock?
Neolock smart lock is a smart electronic lock line developed by BTS Solutions with Singapore technology.

This course is designed to help people manage their houses and properties more easily. The landlord can manage his apartment remotely, via the application installed on the phone.

How Neolock works
Neolock uses synchronization and encryption technology. Products work by PIN code or bluetooh connection on mobile apps. It is similar to the online banking Token device that is familiar to many people.

The owner of the device can create multiple passwords with a certain shelf life for different people. These codes are sent in various forms such as mobile messages, email ...

Neolock is extremely suitable for rental accommodation. Because the landlord does not need to hand over the keys required by the tenant at any time of the day, it is possible to let the guest open and lock the door. When the time limit expires, guests cannot continue using the apartment. This minimizes the guest drop, damaging the lock; guest typing extra lock; Guests check in at night ... In addition, the history of the guest house access is also recorded on the mobile application.

When integrating Neolock lock, each time booking, Pin code of the apartment will be created and sent in 12 hours before checking in via email or SMS ...

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