1. Need smart lock for new iron doors

For iron doors, or steel doors fireproof doors, the first important requirement that the smart lock installation consultant for iron doors recommends customers that the door must be completely new, never installed a lock before. here. This reason is given that if the lock for the old door is installed, it is difficult to find a smart lock that covers all the old opaque which is very unsightly, moreover, it is also loose, unsafe, difficult to meet the technical standards. Affect product quality lock.

2. Ensure the specifications of the smart door lock

Currently, smart door locks usually require the thickness and width of the door trays to ensure that the door fits tightly, is not loose, does not move and increases the efficiency when used

3. Choose the smart lock for your favorite iron door

When the iron door specifications allow, customers can optionally install a fingerprint lock, or password lock, magnetic card lock according to their own or family's preferences. But customers also note that if installing the lock for the main door, you should choose locks with many latches, it will be safer, avoiding the risk of crooks cutting locks or relying on locks to break inside the house.

With family size, the consultants who install smart locks for iron doors recommend that customers choose fingerprint lock or password lock line.

Fingerprint lock does not require customers to carry mechanical keys like a traditional lock, but only needs to press the fingerprints of family members already installed in the identification box.If the fingerprint is installed, the door will open within less than 2 seconds, very quickly, customers do not need to find the key, then turn the lock effort. The current fingerprint lock is not only difficult to break because each person has a unique fingerprint, the fake is extremely difficult, it is difficult to be cracked, if the intruder deliberately will have a warning bell, send notifications. Go to the host phone to solve the problem. That is why fingerprint lock is currently selected by many families and corporate offices.

A passcode lock is similar to a fingerprint lock but opens by pressing a secret code on the key pad, the right door code opens, so that the information security and confidentiality, anti-breaking, copying of the key effective.

The above smart locks also have another advantage that experts appreciate is the beautiful and sophisticated design that helps perfect the style of the whole house.

Above is some advice on installing smart locks for iron doors that you can refer to. To choose the smart door lock model for iron doors of your family or business, you come to Neolock. With all smart, safe and convenient features, we firmly believe that Neolock's high-class smart lock products will satisfy all customers in today's modern life.

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